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What Others Saying…

“I couldn’t keep up with it (the house) anymore.  It was just me so I looked for someone to pass it on to.  So Kathi was the first and only one I called & she helped me a lot!  Out of binds that I go into, shall we say.  Everything she’s done on the house here is what I had thought of doing myself but couldn’t do. “ 

She encourages you when you feel that things are not going right. She calls you up and talks to you. Me and my wife would like to tell Katherine, thank you-
Mettie & Angela White Whites

Kathi helped me pretty good through this process. I very much recommend her to anybody. So, anybody there who wants to get a house or anything done, I highly recommend them to Kathi.
Jimmy Adams Jimmy

Kathi is awesome. If you’re looking, right now, I’m telling you. If you’re looking, better call her. She will treat you right. She’ll make sure that she’s not just going to be your realtor, she’s going to help them through the whole mortgage process and work with whatever mortgage company you’re using and she’ll guide you through the whole process. She is A plus awesome.
Kevin Hanks

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